Kick the Buddy Weapons & Costumes (Updated 2021)

We are introducing Kick the buddy game here to those players who are frustrated with someone and have some anger issues. Moreover, you can play kick the buddy original game or can take benefit from the modded versions of the game. Many features are locked in the original one but available in the modded game. Here is the list of kick the buddy weapons:

kick the buddy weapons


Kick the Buddy Weapons

  • Power for Gods
  • Appliances
  • Nano weapons
  • Bioweapons
  • Machinery
  • Foods
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Liquids
  • Objects
  • Explosives
  • Firearms

Features of Kick the Buddy

Characters Unlocked

Many characters are available in the store that you can choose from. Characters are locked in original game so unlock them to access.

Excellent Graphics

The graphics are very amazing and eye-catching, which attracts game lovers towards it.

Thrilling Sounds

Moreover, the sounds of attacking the dummy with weapons give a realistic effect. You can hear the roar of the blast and the burning effects on the doll.

Money unlimited

You can enjoy a lot of coins and money by playing the APK Mod of the game. These mods provide you free gems, money, and unlocked weapons.

Kick the Buddy Costume

Here, you will get an opportunity to design a character by yourself. Likewise, you can give them attractive clothes based on a theme. Additionally, you can give them a Halloween look or can make it appear like a doll. These features will make the game exciting for the player.


So, you must try the updated gaming mods to play like a pro player and can unveil many of its features. Likewise, you have to create your buddy first by choosing a character from the store of the game. You can choose a Halloween character, dummy, doll, and many more. Further, this game gives you an opportunity to put yourself as the face of a dummy or of your friend.

Additionally, many different weapons with different efficiencies are available, and you can use them. But, before using them, you have to unlock them one by one by using money. Further, you will get access to weapons at different levels of the game.

Moreover, there are more than 400 weapons available to you. There is a huge list of weapons that you can use at different times to harm or hit the buddy. These weapons include nuclear bombs, firearms, and explosives. Additionally, some nano-weapons, rifles, and burners are also available. Furthermore, these will not only affect but completely destroys the doll.

How to install it?

You can get this gaming app by tapping on the download link available here on this site. Likewise, you have to get the file by accessing it from the files. Further, generate your account and play as an action hero.


Is it safe to play Kick the Buddy?

Yes. It is completely. Don’t worry about the security issues.

What is the best weapon for money in Kick the Buddy?

You can earn much money by using machine guns. Some missiles and lanterns are also cash-giving weapons.


So, Guys! It would be best to give yourself a chance to get rid of all the anger problems. Likewise, you can relieve your stress by kicking the buddy in different ways. If you have any query feel free to ask. I am here to provide you suitable answers ASAP. Good Luck!

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