Is Kick the Buddy Free? Where to Find Original Game Online?

Here, we are introducing Kick the buddy game to you. Many people have asked a question that Is Kick the Buddy Free? This article is the answer to your question that it is free for every device. Further, it has good compatibility.

Is Kick the Buddy Free?


What is Kick the Buddy?

Kick the buddy is an action game that gives you a feel like a roller coster ride. Moreover, you will attain many opportunities to do actions and kick your buddy. Further, you are allowed to use weapons of various types to kick buddy. Likewise, you can create your own dummy according to your desire. You can assign them a face of your buddy or can make them just like yourself. Accordingly, you will get coins and gems as a reward.

Features of Kick the Buddy game

Free Gameplay

The most prominent feature of the Kick buddy game is that it is free to get on devices.

Online Game

Moreover, you can relish yourself by playing Kick the buddy online game. Further, most of its features are available only in an online mode.

Unlimited Money

Many hack mods are available that give you unlimited money or gems to shop & unlock further features of this game.

Unlock Weapons

Various types of weapons are available in the store that you can unlock by using coins. Rifles, bombs, and rockets are present to smash the dummy or doll.


  • No ads
  • Excellent graphics
  • Amazing audio and video effects
  • No rooting


Further, you can avail yourself of a chance to play Kick the buddy free after getting it for free. It has addictive gameplay. Many features are not part of Kick the buddy original game but are found in the modded versions of this game. Likewise, Kick the buddy games are the best way to release your stress by kicking buddies.

Here, as a player, you will hit the buddy by using the weapons like nuclear bombs. Moreover, these bombs are very powerful weapons to kill the doll in a single attack. Similarly, this attack will be enough to destroy the doll. Additionally, some knives, guns, and tanks can also be used to attack the doll.

How to get it?

It is very uncomplicated to get kick the buddy game by following these given steps.

  • First, tap on the link which is given here to download the app.
  • Next, please wait for a while.
  • Then, tap on the downloaded file. Open it.
  • Last, create your account as a player and remove your frustration on the doll.


=> Is kick the buddy free?

Yes. It is free to get this gaming app on your devices. You can install it after accessing it through Play Store.

=> How do you use the toaster in Kick the Buddy forever?

A toaster is used in the game to destroy and harm the doll. In the same way, iron is used to burn the dummy.


Have you got Kick the Buddy game? I think many of you have got it after knowing about its amazing features and gameplay. And, many people have got an answer to the question, Is kick the buddy free? Also try it’s halloween version. Moreover, if there are some difficulties in dealing with this game, you can ask me. I will provide you answers ASAP. So, go and explore this free game and its hack mods also.

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