Kick the Buddy Mod Apk Android (1.0.6) with Unlimited Money

Are you looking for an interesting game stress release for your android device? If you have an Android device, you can try out today’s free game called Kick the buddy mod Apk android. It is one of the loved and excellent game to reduce stress for android users. This game lets you relax and soothes your brain. Everyone needs to get anger out every now and then, even if it means thrashing a helpless rag doll.


Kick the Buddy hack apk is indeed a huge hit in the Android play store, with over 100 million downloads and a cult following in the mobile casual gaming world. The only purpose of the game is to hit and mistreat the Buddy, and the more inventive you are, the better and wealthier you will get.

Kick the Buddy game download core premise is this, however as you play, the idea expands to crazy new levels, where you can create combos to unleash horrible devices. Try it and see how much better you feel after burning, blowing up, freezing, shattering, shredding, and ruining your small doll. Kick the buddy is extremely joyful to play and you can download  it for free via Google Play Store.


Find kick the Buddy on Android

Kicking the Buddy is an Android game that Google Play Store recently released. Kick the Buddy is a fun game that will have you blasting your friends with advanced weapons and trying not to get shot by the many ninja figures that populate the levels.

Be sure to get the latest compatible version as this game frequently gets updated. Naturally, you can use your device as a controller to take out your frustrations on some buddies, but there are times when you want to get rid of these annoying characters quickly.

With the help of cheats for kick the buddy, It offers you unlimited access to weapons. There are over ten different types of weapons, with more added regularly. Different types can be combined to produce new weapons or entirely new ideas. There is a shop where you can buy new weapons, scrolls to increase your damage output and coins to increase your score.


We’re ready to step up your playing experience!! Bugs have been resolved, and the game’s performance has been improved. Likewise kick the buddy ios team, The Play Store (android) team interacts with all the suggestions and is constantly improving the game. If you like our work and have some suggestions, kindly share your opinion in comments.

Additional information and requirements:

  • Android 5.0 is the minimum operating system needed.
  • Version is 1.0.6
  • The “Unknown sources” option within Settings>Applications must be enabled to install the program using the APK file.
  • Internet connection for downloading the configurations and settings

An interesting game for all kind of players free on Android

Sure, as It’s difficult to call Kick the Buddy an arcade game, but it’d be a mistake not to highlight this strange mash-up of genres that’s been a great hit everywhere it’s gone. It’s a game in which your goal is to hit a rag doll with a variety of various things. A vast arsenal of weaponry is just ready to be utilized on your unlucky little friend, and each attack will increase your score.


The game’s goal is to see how many different ways you can torture your poor Buddy, and let me tell you, and there are a lot of them. It’s difficult to identify who this horrible game’s intended audience is, but the sheer volume of downloads indicates that many people are enjoying it.


  • There is a good selection of weaponry items.
  • At first, the character’s voice is amusing.
  • Have unlimited free money and coins


  • There are much too many advertisements.
  • It makes you feel compelled to spend money


Do we get unlimited money on Android?

Kick the Buddy unlimited money gives gamers plenty of free money, allowing them to upgrade their weapons and customize the environment with various decorations such as guns, machine guns, bombs, and grenade launchers. Kick the buddy hacked apk provides you with unlimited  coins so you can purchase your favorite weapon.

Keep checking back to Thekickbuddy for the most up-to-date MOD APKs for your favourite game. You can crush, break, and freeze whatever you want with no one stopping you in the virtual world. It includes weapons, grenades, and nuclear bombs, without worrying about the cost. Kick the Buddy download for android, and you will not be disappointed!

What else does the Kick the Buddy Mod Apk Android have to offer?

The first edition, that you can download from store, offers nothing new. Instead, any rational person will opt for the mod kick the buddy APK easily accessible on the internet and may be utilized simultaneously.

Kick the buddy android apk download hack offers the fantastic benefit of infinite money, allowing you to purchase the best firearms and grenades available in the market without worrying about the cost. The mod apk hack downloader assure you  that you start playing right away and have a tension-free, trouble free, and flawless  gaming experience.

Kick The Buddy Mod Apk Android :

NAMEKick the Buddy
CATEGORY Action / Adventure
SIZE 96 Mb

Final words

We endorse this game and you should definitely play it. Kick the Buddy unlimited money apk is a straightforward 2D game in which you must inflict injury on your playable character.  It’s funny and has an excellent level of graphics. It’s a basic and ridiculous premise that goes against the traditional goal of a game: to shield a character from damage. You can also take this game wherever you go as there is no Internet connection required for it to work. This is an amazing game  to play

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